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The preparation Trenbolone 10 ml of 225 mg produced by the company PRIME is a mixture of three esters of trenbolone, which provides a long-lasting anabolic effect. The tool is not a combined course, as many athletes mistakenly believe, but it allows you to constantly maintain the required level of the substance in the body without the need for frequent injections.


According to the description of Tritren from PRIME, one vial of 10 ml of ready-to-use solution for injection contains 225 mg of the active ingredient Trenbolone.

1ml of the solution contains:
– Trenbolone Acetate 100 mg,
– Trenbolone Enanthate 75 mg,
– Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 50 mg

Pharmacological properties of TRITREN

The synthesized drug is superior to natural testosterone as it has a higher anabolic effect. An important plus is the lack of tendency of the product to transform into estrogen. The main pharmacological properties include: protein synthesis by retaining the microelements necessary for this; ensuring nitrogen accumulation; reducing cortisol levels; preventing the catabolic effect; creating a positive nitrogen balance; stimulating IGF synthesis.

All these features of the steroid with a mild effect caused the wide popularity of the Trenbolone mix in the world of sports pharmacology.


Buy Tritren from PRIME is recommended for bodybuilders, athletes and other athletes who need high strength and speed indicators. Injections will help to achieve the following results: quickly gain a large amount of dry muscles; form a good relief of muscles; get rid of excess fat deposits; increase strength, work capacity; avoid the effect of overtraining and shorten recovery periods.

The price of Trenbolone from PRIME is quite acceptable, which allows you to significantly increase the effectiveness of training at moderate financial costs.

Side effects

The low price for Trenbolone 10 ml of 225 mg should not be the main reason for its purchase. The drug is quite strong and serious, so it should be prescribed only by a specialist. After conducting the examination, the doctor will be able to rule out the presence of contraindications in the athlete to taking the steroid. Given the high androgenic effect, it is necessary to take trenbolone without deviating from the scheme recommended by the specialist. Otherwise, the following side effects may appear: increased blood pressure; reduced production of endogenous male hormones; acne, oily skin; baldness, facial and body hair growth; irritability; sleep disturbances.

Trenbolone injections are contraindicated in women due to the high risk of virilization. You can not use the tool for young people, it can provoke a violation of the hormonal background.

Dosage and cycle

A normal weekly dose for novice athletes is 300 mg. In the second week, it can be increased to 600 mg. Experienced bodybuilders can be injected with up to 600 mg of suspension every week. Do not prolong the course of the Trenbolone mix for more than two months. It can be used both solo and on combined courses.

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